The Dad Dynamic

A Community for Modern Dads

The Problem

Although there are numerous online resources for moms, dads have few options to explore when looking for help, encouragement, or fellowship with other dads. Thus, the idea for  a new online community was born. But how do you go from a good idea to a thriving community?

Process & Product

Brand development began with the creation of a brand identity and content strategy that would interest and engage new dads. A blog-focused website, e-commerce site, and several social pages were then created and launched.

The Campaign

A media communications calendar was created and followed for content distribution. Blog posts, original social content, as well as curated content was posted on a regular basis. A very small amount (about $1000) was put toward social ads, with most of the reach being organic.

The Results

Within a year, The Dad Dynamic was booming. The community had a social following of over 70,000 people, an e-mail list of several thousand more, and a large number of regular users on the website and within its private Facebook groups. The community's Facebook page regularly had a weekly organic (non-paid) reach of over 10,000,000 people.

The community's Facebook page regularly had an organic reach of over 10,000,000 people

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