We build premium brands.

Strategy + Identity + Communication.  Brand building done right.

3 Steps to a Strong Brand

Brand Strategy

Competitive Analysis
Unique Value Proposition
Core Messaging

Brand Identity

Stationary & Templates
Colors, Fonts, Visuals
Style Guidelines

Brand Communication

Marketing Video or Commercial
Pitch Deck, Infosheets
Search, Social, Email, Content Marketing
Print, TV, Out-of-Home Advertising

Demystify Branding

We could use lots of trademarked phrases and long words to make you feel like you're getting your money's worth. But instead, we want to make this simple for you.

You need to focus your strategy, gain visibility within your target market, and ultimately grow your business. We do that for you with exceptional work that garners attention and produces results. No fancy words or industry jargon; just excellent work accomplished through a detailed consideration of your needs.

That's the Kind way to do business.

Case Studies

Real world examples of what you can achieve with the power of Kind.

What Our Clients Say

Why Brand Development

Market performance of companies with the highest brand value as compared to the S&P index
Average price premium commanded by strong brands
Job seekers that consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job

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